Satta King Result Today- Satta King Disawar Today

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Satta King Result : Satta King Result Today, Satta King Disawar, Satta Result | Satta Disawar Faridabad: To know today’s chart of Satta King Disawar and for more information, stay tuned in this article, you will be given complete information in it.

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Today’s Satta King Disawar Result has been published in this article. Let us tell you that which has been obtained from various sources of the Internet. Like the application of Google Play Store and different websites are included. never endorses any online or offline game related to betting etc. This article is written for information only, its purpose is not to promote Satta King. So you must have understood that through this article you only have to give information about this game.

Satta King Result
Satta King Result

Satta King Disawar Today:Let us tell you that the players of Satta King game win a lot of money as a gift from this game. So in this article, about the winner of today’s Satta King, and what is Satta King? If you are going to give information about it, then if you want to know about this game, then you are going to give complete information, for that you have to stay in this article till the end.

Satta King Disawar

What is Satta King Disawar? So let us give you information about how Satta King Disawar works. The lottery in Satta King is as it seems. Let us tell you that in Sata King you have to guess any number from 0 to 100 by your own guess. After that any number of numbers are there in it. In which there are some so-called winning numbers. People who match that number. He is paid 90 times more money than what he puts in from Satta King. So now you must have understood very well how Satta King Disawar works.

GameTimeYesterday ResultToday Result
PUNJAB03:30 PM5934
SHER BAZAR03:00 PM2130
PARAS07:40 PM8610
UP05:00 PM8411
PESHAWAR03:10 PM4542
SHALIMAR07:10 PM2597
Lucknow Gold12:10 PM1818

satta king result list today

The result list of Satta King, you have been given all the lists below, with the help of which you can check whether your number is not trapped in that list, if it is trapped, then you can check it as given below. Let me tell you that all the information about Game, Time, yesterday’s result and today’s result has been given in this, you can see above as well as you can see below.

What is satta matka? How is Satta Matka played?

Satta Matka is also a kind of game. which you can play. Whatever you win, you get a gift, then go to how to play satta matka? So let me tell you that it is very easy to play. In this, you have to select any number from 0 to 99 digits. After that the bid is placed on the selected number of Satta king game as per your choice.

Then you will have to wait for the result of this match, if the number you have chosen appears in the result, then you will get a bid of about 90% on that number which will appear in front of you after the result. The process of playing Satta Matka is very simple. . So now you must have understood very well how satta matka is played.

What is Satta King Disawar?

Disawar Satta King: Let us tell you that Disawar Satta King is also known as Satta King Disawar Ghaziabad, tell you that it is operated from Ghaziabad city of Uttar Pradesh state. This is a type of betting game. In this also you have to make a pair of two numbers between 1 to 10 numbers or between other numbers.

If the pair you have made is declared as the winning pair then you will get the prize money. You also have to invest some money in this game. If you don’t become a winner in this, then understand that your money is over. The Disawar Satta King result is declared every day mostly in the evening. And its chart keeps updating from time to time in 1 hour. So now you must have come to know that what is Satta King Disawar, we have given you complete information about it.

What is Satta King? How else does it work

What is Satta King: Satta King is a game in which you have to choose different numbers through online and as soon as the result of Satta King is declared. In which there is a winning number, whoever chooses that number will be declared the winner.

Let me tell you that no one knows anything about the number in advance, it is announced suddenly. You can also call this game a game of trying your luck. If your luck is good then you will win the prize, if your luck is bad then consider your money wasted.

At some point in Satta King, a lot of slips are put in the pot. And then everyone takes out one slip from it and the person who gets the winning number slip is given the prize money. So you must have understood how Satta King works.

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Disclaimer: – This article has been written from the information taken from the internet. It does not promote any type of game. Only you have been given information about this game from our website

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Friends, if someone is asking you money for giving a leaked number in our name, then please stay away from such people because there is a danger of a big fraud with you. Please beware of such people, we never take money for game leaks in any way, neither in advance nor after passing the game. We never ask for money from you, so don’t waste your hard earned money on them. My job is just to give you information about how to play – thanks

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