Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting

Today, sports betting in India is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. There are many cricket fans in this country. With the development of technology and technological advancements, there are many mobile apps that not only allow you to follow the matches of your favorite team but also earn money while watching. The best of the best real money cricket betting apps on the site will help you save time when searching, using and tracking. Below you will find information about best cricket betting apps for Android in India.

Best cricket Betting

There are a lot of criteria to determine the best app of all or create a special list to make it easier for users when choosing an app. For betting on cricket, you can use the best cricket betting apps in India:


All of them have their own unique approaches to provide quality services to their customers. Great bonuses and promotions will make the first games unforgettable.



Each online cricket betting project offers you a different gift. This promotion is designed to offer you winnings, especially if you are new to the platform. Some of the most popular bonuses include:


  • Welcome Bonus;
  • Cash Back
  • referral program ;
  • Ticketing Discounts and more.

Don’t forget them while playing. Plus, they are real money and offer you unlimited opportunities. Remember, they cannot be withdrawn, they can only be used to increase your winnings.

 cricket Betting

Companies offering cricket in India are taking advantage of all the trends and attracting different method options. At the moment, there are the following options:

  • UPI;
  • Paytm;
  • VISA;
  • Wallet Token ;
  • PayPal;
  • MasterCard;
  • Crypto ;
  • Skrill;
  • PhonePe;
  • ecoPayz ;
  • Neteller;
  • Wire Transfer.

With bank cards, e-wallets or crypto currency, you can get all your cricket betting advances. It is very important that no platform uses charging different commissions for their mobile apps. This also significantly affects the choice and preference of the user.


Cricket match


All mobile apps are appreciated primarily for the possibility of on cricket while watching the broadcast of the matches. Some of the most popular sporting events you can follow on the platform include:

  • The Total;
  • Winner of the match ;
  • Fouls ;
  • bet on toss;
  • Best Bowler ;
  • Handicap;
  • Man of the Match;
  • Individual statistics of a player or a team ;
  • Best Batsman

You can track tournament statistics, player lineups and tournament tables based on the application. Knowing this will help you create some sort of advantage over other players.

Cricket Betting

You need to make it as exciting as possible before viewing it. The developers of each company offer a wide list of betting types that increase your chances of winning. You may want to consider the following:

  • The winner of the match;
  • The overall outcome of the tournament;
  • Works;
  • Fouls ;
  • Handicap;
  • Man of the match;
  • best bowler ;
  • Best Batsman ;
  • Individual player or team statistics;
  • Draw winner and more!

For the most part, each fan has a different area of interest and influences the choice of bet type in one way or another. There are those who evaluate the picture on individual facts, and there are those who look at the details.

Cricket betting


Cricket is centuries old, but it became the national sport of the English in the 18th century. The conquest of countries by the British Empire spread the game around the world, but with the fall of the empire, its march across the planet stalled. Today, cricket is a business that brings many millions to players in Britain, Asia, Australia and from neighboring countries.

The biggest margins are becoming Test meetings and T20 cricket in the Indian Premier League. Remarkably, about of cricket is done in real time.

The main game formats are.

Level 1 cricket, where matches are time-limited and teams play two innings each as a batter. The duration of the competition is three or five days, six hours per game.

cricket with limited overs, where matches are limited to the number of overs played (20 or 50), each team plays one inning as a batter. The duration of the match is one day, but more than six playing hours are allowed.

Test cricket is the highest form of first level competition. Only full members of the International Cricket Council participate in such matches, and they are played in a series of three or five matches between two teams. If the announced time is exceeded, a draw-draw is declared.

One-Day Match (ODI) is one form of cricket with limited overs. ODI matches allow you to determine the winner with greater precision, as a draw is not possible.

Twenty20 format appeared in 2003 and quickly gained popularity at the expense of dynamism as it allows you to complete the match in three hours or little more (teams attack once).

Rules of the cricket

The match requires two teams of 11 players each, who meet on a field in the shape of an oval of arbitrary size, but with a constant pitch in the middle (a circle 20 meters in diameter), where the game is played.

Teams take turns kicking the ball and playing the field, trying to score the most points. How many times a team strikes the ball depends on the format of the game. Each team has a bowler to serve the ball and a batsman to bat. The strokes in cricket are called innings.

The bowler’s job is to score as many runs in six innings (over) or until he is struck out. The batsman’s job is to strike the ball to the edge of the infield or away from his opponent, allowing him to reach the other side of the infield.

Innings are played until 10 batsmen from the  team have been knocked out, then the team swaps places.

Features of cricket

To successfully play in a betting shop and bet on cricket, you need to understand the game and know the basic strategies and factors that affect the result of the match.

Coin toss in an eagle/rice format is one of the important steps in organizing the game of cricket because it determines the order of attack. The team that attacks first gets an advantage, because the attack takes place on a fresh, unworn field with a new ball. This factor also affects the desire to play live, as after the draw the attacking team has a chance to seize the initiative in the game.

Weather is one of the main factors that affect the outcome of the game. Unfavorable weather can shorten the duration of a test match (the game is not played in the rain), and before betting on cricket, the bettor should find out the weather forecast. Sunset in some countries comes earlier and it also affects the duration of the match, sometimes the team just not enough time to win by the end of the 

Coverage of the field and the pitch in particular is different: earthen, with short grass or long and this determines the speed of movement and impact / bounce of the ball. Humidity is of great importance, with low humidity in high altitude countries the ball speeds up, which allows you to hit beyond the boundaries of the field. 

Poor pitches wear out quickly, leaving the bowler at an advantage and the batsman struggling to bounce the ball. Just like in soccer, some cricket teams are great only on home field and make mistakes on someone else’s field.

Team and players. The condition of the team before the match is an important factor, if the players managed to win the first match, then you can expect good results from them in the next. Studying the stats of a particular player will help determine his readiness for the conditions of the game and reflect his physical condition. Summarizing all the features, consider that there are two teams fighting on the field with individual characteristics for offense and defense.

 Because of the length of first level cricket matches, in Linebet most bettors prefer to bet in real time. Too many third-party factors that change day to day can affect the outcome of the game and it is more advantageous for the bettor to play in live mode to be able to react quickly to negative changes.

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